Factor Magazine’s future of work edition: Virtual assistants, digital nomads and Jack Uldrich

Our working days seem to be getting longer and longer, however technology is changing the shape of them. It is making our days easier, making our offices more interactive and in some cases eradicating the office completely.

Issue six of Factor Magazine investigates what our future workplaces and working lives will be like.

We look at everything from the new tech that is being employed to help, and in some cases replace, staff to the ways that technology will inhibit working days.

Futurist Jack Uldrich explains how there will be a culture shift that sees us migrating from cities to work in the same place that we live. This, he says, will be reflected in the levels of abundance created by a flexible working day.


We look at the work roles that are like to be automated in the coming years, with some surprising career types set to decline. Plus we also consider what the workforce of the future will look like with all the jobs that are set to disappear.

There’s a look at how virtual assistants are going to change the way we live and access knowledge, and how they will play an increasingly central role in our lives.

Digital nomads may also be on the rise due to an increasing number of freelancers, so we explore what the movement entails and what it will take to become a digital nomad.

We also consider what the future of office-based monitoring will be like – who holds the power, us or our employers – and learn how biometric technology has grown in recent years.


Robots have been touted to replace many of our low-paid jobs but we look at how they are already helping us work when we need to be in two places at once.

We’ll also look at whether technology is aiding the oppression of workers, and ask when enough will be enough.

As well as all this there’s the latest news, reviews and much more in the completely free edition of Factor Magazine.

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Issue six preview: Factor Magazine takes on the future of work

Computers and the internet revolutionised the offices that we work in. However this is just the beginning, as the next generation of workplaces will be know more information about us, and be more intuitive than ever before.

The latest issue of Factor Magazine, out tomorrow, looks at how working world is adapting with new technology.

The issue builds upon last month’s look at how our future cities will be constructed (if you haven’t read it then it can be found here), and how food production could go underground.


We explore the innovative new ways that technology is transforming the office to make our time there more productive and creative.

In contrast we also look at how companies can restrict their employees with overzealous monitoring and not allowing them the freedom to be creative.

We’ll hear from futurist Jack Uldrich about the many facets of our working future, including how we may go back to our historical roots of working in the same places that we live.


As well as this we find out how virtual assistants are going to change the way we access knowledge, and find out which roles are most likely to be lost to automation.

We’ll also consider the future of office-based monitoring, and ask if freelancers will lead to the rise of urban digital nomads.

As well as all this there’s the latest news, reviews and much more in the completely free edition of Factor Magazine, out tomorrow.