Factor issue 3: Mars missions, interstellar travel and an interview with an astronaut

Issue 3 of Factor magazine, our digital-only science and tech monthly, is out now on iPad and the web with a bumper issue about space travel.

After a searching look into the future of our everyday lives last month, we’re looking to the final frontier to find out what lies ahead in space exploration.

It’s an exciting time for space travel, with an array of ambitious missions and long-term plans to further our reaches into the stars.

We speak to pioneering astronaut Dr Mae Jemison about her involvement in furthering travel between the stars and find out how interstellar space travel could actually be realised.

Apollo 11 landed on the moon 45 years ago in July. In an exclusive video we look at the significance of the lunar landing and how NASA is using its anniversary highlight future missions.

We also profile the race to send a manned mission to Mars, and find out what needs to happen for space elevators to become a reality.

Here on Earth NASA’s inventions have made their mark, so we look at the space technologies that can be found in our homes. We also find out about the remarkable new audio technology that lets you decipher conversations from vibrations in video footage.

As well as all this there’s the latest news, reviews and much more in the completely free edition of Factor Magazine.

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Issue 3 preview: Factor magazine takes on the future of space travel

Man first walked on the moon 45 years ago on July 20, 1969, but now our sights are set on making much larger steps for humankind.

After last month’s exploration of how technology will change our basic day-to-day lives, we’re pushing the boundaries even further by travelling as far as we can in the space-themed issue 3 of Factor magazine.

In 1992 Mae Jemison became the first African-American woman to go into space. She now has her sights set on going one step further, by making it possible to travel between the stars.

In the upcoming third issue of Factor magazine, out later this week, we spoke with Jemison about her funding from DARPA and how is trying ensure interstellar travel is possible within the next 100 years.

She shares her experience of being in space and gives her thoughts on how travelling between the stars could impact on humans.

Mars is, at its very least distance, 54.6m km from where you’re reading this right now.

That doesn’t stop us from wanting to reach the red planet though and in the issue we look at NASA’s plans to colonise Mars.

Travelling as far as we can imagine in orbit requires technology that is just beyond our reach at present but we’ve spoken to scientists at Project Icarus about their efforts to launch an interstellar probe that could reach another solar system within the timescale of a normal human lifetime.

The research NASA has funded and complete appears all around us and we’ll often be unaware that the every-day items we are using were spawned from the space organisation.

We look at the technologies we use on a daily basis that were first designed for use in space.

Elsewhere in the issue you find out what the future looks like for space elevators and see how the field of nanotechnology has evolved from its roots in the late fifties to its role in so many of the potential technologies of tomorrow.

We also take a look at how robots work in space, the food we will be eating when we live among the stars and the personal gadgets that will make our lives easier.

As well as all this there’s the latest news, reviews and much more in the completely free edition of Factor Magazine – out later this week.