Elon Musk speaks to LA's mayor about his Boring Company

Elon Musk said this week that he has held “promising conversations” with L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti, regarding the potential of bringing his recently formed Boring Company to the city. One of the ideas reportedly under consideration would see an express line to LAX airport from LA’s Union Station being built.

Source: Tech Crunch

Atari is back with a new console

Last week, Atari began teasing a new product called the Ataribox. Now, in an exclusive interview with GamesBeat Atari CEO Fred Chesnais has confirmed that the pioneering video game company is working on a new game console. “We’re back in the hardware business,” said Chesnais.

Source: Venture Beat

Nasa find 10 planets that could potentially host life

Nasa has added a further 219 candidates to the list of planets beyond our solar system, 10 of which may be about the same size and temperature as Earth, and may host life. Scientists found the candidates in a final batch of Nasa’s Kepler Space Telescope observations of 200,000 sample stars in the constellation Cygnus.

Source: The Guardian

Tesla Model S told driver to put his hands on the wheel before fatal crash

Federal regulators said on Monday, the driver of a Tesla Model S, who was killed in a collision while the car was in autopilot mode, did not have his hands on the steering wheel for a prolonged period of time despite being repeatedly warned by the vehicle that having his hands on the wheel was necessary.

Source: Ars Technica

Uber founder Travis Kalanick resigns

Having last week said that he was taking an indefinite leave of absence, Uber boss Travis Kalanick resigned as chief executive of the company this week after pressure from shareholders. His resignation comes after a review of practices at the firm and scandals including complaints of sexual harassment.

Source: BBC

Facebook defends against injunction to remove Oculus Rift from sale

Facebook and Oculus want a federal judge to let them continue selling Rifts despite a jury deciding Oculus stole another company’s computer code. Lawyers for Facebook said halting the sale of Oculus Rifts “would serve no one but ZeniMax, who would use it only as leverage to try to extract money from Oculus”.

Source: Bloomberg

Apple's Tim Cook reveals the company is working on self-driving cars

In an interview with Bloomberg, Apple's chief executive, Tim Cook, confirmed the tech giant is developing a self-driving car system. Cook indicated that it is too soon to say whether it would license the tech to other automakers or attempt to build its own vehicles.

Source: Bloomberg

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick takes indefinite leave of absence

Uber’s CEO, Travis Kalanick, has announced that he will take an indefinite leave of absence. Kalanick revealed his plan after the release of a damning report on its workplace culture that called on Uber to “review and reallocate” Kalanick’s responsibilities.

Source: Guardian

Facebook using AI to detect terrorist content

Facebook has said that it is using artificial intelligence to find terrorist content. Techniques being used by Facebook include image-matching, to locate terrorist photos and videos, and detecting “clusters,” where terrorist content is posted across multiple accounts.

Source: The Verge

Four-armed robot composes its own music

After twelve years of work, researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have created Shimon, a four-armed robot marimba player that is capable of writing its own songs. For anyone wanting to see Shimon its first live performance as a composer will be at the Aspen Ideas Festival at the end of this month.

Source: Motherboard

Juncker rejects US climate deal re-negotiation

Following the news that US President Donald Trump believes the Paris climate agreement could be amended and made more palatable to his country, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has categorically ruled out any re-negotiation. "We have spent 20 years negotiating," he said.

Source: BBC

Telegram chat app founder claims FBI offered backdoor bribe

The founder of chat app Telegram has publicly claimed that FBI agents pressured his company to weaken its encryption or install a backdoor. "During our team's one-week visit to the US last year we had two attempts to bribe our devs by US agencies + pressure on me from the FBI," Pavel Durov said on Twitter.

Source: The Register