‘So long and thanks for all the fish’


Researchers think they have developed a real-time dolphin translator and soon might be able to talk to the finned creatures.

Dolphins produce sounds with frequencies well beyond the human hearing range but the breakthrough could mean we will soon understand what they’ve got to say for themselves.

Source: IFL Science

Drawing in 3D

Designing new products might have just got a lot easier with the invention of Gravity – a pen and pad that allows you to draw in 3D.

The set-up has been designed by students in London and is now ready to start the manufacturing process.

Source: Gizmodo

The spread of windfarms


Windfarms have grown massive in recent years as both the need and desire for renewable energy have grown.

This interactive map from the US Department of Energy prettily shows how the number of farms has swelled over time.

Source: US Energy Department 

Around the world in 22 days 


Google’s Wi-Fi carrying balloon has completed a journey around the world in just 22 days. The balloon is designed to deliver Wi-Fi to remote parts of the world and circumnavigated the globe a lot quicker than was expected.

Previously it was thought that the balloon would take 30 days to do a lap of the planet.

Source: Cnet

‘Start’ of something new


With the announcement that it is bringing back the Start bar, Microsoft has made what will be a hugely popular decision.

The company announced its intention to include the much-missed bar in a future upgrade.

Source: Mashable

Image courtesy of Microsoft 

Keeping the Nest warm


Google-owned smart-home company Nest has launched its clever thermostat in the UK. The search giant purchased the company in January this year for $3.2bn.

The release of the thermostat will allow UK users to control the temperature of their homes from their smartphones.

Source: The Guardian 

USB C has arrived 


The insignificant but annoying problem of trying to plug the wrong end of a USB cable into a device will soon be over.

The latest iteration of the transfer cable has been unveiled and it’s reversible, so there will never be the wrong connection ever again.

Source: Tech2 

Image courtesy of Intel 

In Pictures: This Week’s Most Futuristic Designs


City of Dreams Hotel

Designed by architectural superstar Zaha Hadid, this tower is a hotel design planned as part of a major development in Macau, East Asia’s answer to Las Vegas. The webbed shape encompasses two towers connected by a roof section and two walkways, and is designed to be a statement building in a development for luxury gambling and boutique shopping.

Image courtesy of Melco Crown Entertainment.


BAT-Buoyant Airborne Turbine

This is a helium-filled wind turbine that will be deployed over Alaska to provide electricity and Wi-Fi access to remote areas. Developed by MIT startup Altaeros Energies, the turbine will sit 1,000 feet in the air, meaning it will capture energy from far stronger air currents than ground-based turbines.

Image courtesy of Altaeros Energies.


True Player Gear VR Headset

After Oculus VR was sold to Facebook this week, many gamers were despairing that their virtual reality dreams would be ruined by the social media behemoth. But never fear, a rival has appeared. After nine years of development the Canadian True Player Gear was announced, boasting high technical specs and strong engine support. Plus with that design anyone wearing it is probably going to look like a Cyberman.

Image courtesy of True Player Gear.


Wind Turbine Loft

For some this will be the dream home, while for others it would be the ultimate nightmare. This is a design for a secluded loft built into a wind turbine, which could be used as a luxury getaway, as a place for turbine maintenance workers to stay, or as a unique town built into an offshore wind farm. With cities becoming increasingly crowded, we reckon some people would love to live here.

Image courtesy of Morphocode.


Digital Paper System

Sony has previewed its answer to the Kindle before, but only now has it revealed the price – an eye-watering $1,000 (£660). Nevertheless, with PDF support, the ability to annotate and sync documents and the thickness of 30 sheets of paper, as well as built-in Wi-Fi and a 3 week battery, this does seem like the dream gadget for office work on-the-go. Sony are pitching this to businesses, so here’s hoping it becomes a must-buy for companies.

Image courtesy of Sony.