Your car knows you are sleepy


It isn’t an common thought to think about car seats being packed with tech, except for heated seats, but now thanks to a UK university the seats are about to get smarter.

Nottingham Trent University has created smart seats which will be able to tell when the driver is getting fatigued at the wheel.

Source: Motor Authority 

Image Courtesy of Nottingham Trent University

Robot fingers

A Hungarian start-up is trying to give robots the ability to feel – and not in the sense of emotions.

By using silicone and infrared light researchers are allowing robots to sense when pressure changes on small surfaces.

Source: Wired

3D printed icecream

The 3D printing revolution has taken a chilling turn this week. 

Students from MIT have 3D printed ice cream – understandably the students have to print the icecream in a cool place so it holes its shape.

Source: The Guardian

Google’s moving into surveillance


Google has made the move into looking for more threats on the internet in a bid to make it a safer place.

The tech giant has started Project Zero which will try to reduce the number of web users who are harmed by targeted attacks.

Source: Tech 2 

Image courtesy of Gil C /

 Cat facial recognition

Pet technology has huge potential. This is shown in no better way than this cat feeder which can reconise your cat by its face and track its weight and health.

The moggy mush recogniser is currently raising money as part of a crowd funding campaign and is more than likely to hit its target.

Source: Wired

In Pictures: This Week’s Most Futuristic Designs



An app for Google Glass, MindRDR performs the incredible feat of allowing you to operate the wearable headset just by thinking, instead of feeling like a berk as you yell out “Ok, Glass” in a crowded street. It uses a Neurosky EEG biosensor that identifies brainwaves involved with focusing – think hard enough and Glass will respond.

Via Tech Crunch.


Yura bartender drones

A proposal for Electrolux Design Lab by Herman Haydin, Yura is a personal bartender that hovers, flies and can create tasty, tailored diet-appropriate drinks. The concept even includes a cartridge to heat or cool the drink in question. One we’d love for our house of the future.

Via Yanko Design.


Mall of the World

Proposed for Dubai, the Mall of the World is a planned 48 million square foot covered structure, making it effectively the world’s first temperature controlled city. Inside will be the biggest shopping mall on earth and an indoor theme park with a retractable roof that would be opened in winter.

Via designboom.


Switch wireless charger

Made from sustainable materials, Switch is a rather clever wireless charger for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. Shaped as a rather attractive walnut and ceramic stand, the charger makes for a nice working surface, but looks pleasant when not in use – an unusual feature for a charger!

Via Kickstarter.


Project Gregory

A proposal for the Slovakian city of Banska Bystrica, Project Gregory is a billboard-cum-homeless shelter. The advertising space would pay for the upkeep of the living space, providing a safe shelter for those in need. The designs have been made open source, so other cities can easily adopt the concept.

Via Inhabitat.