In Pictures: This week’s most futuristic designs


DVF | Made for Glass

This is one of a collection of frames by fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg that incorporates Google Glass. It’s a great improvement on the alien designs of the original glass, making the frames look almost normal, but some of the other variants in the collection look far more silly. von Furstenberg previously put Glass on her Spring 2013 collection catwalk show, for the first time showing a mainstream fashion show from the model’s perspective.

Via Elle.


Urban Skyfarm

This proposal for a vertical farm by Aprilli Design Studio could be the solution to our growing cities’ food demands. Featuring gardens, hydroponic decks and orchards in he upper part of the building, with water recycling operations, processing plants and farmers markets on the lower part, the structure could be a futuristic version of Whole Foods. The plants would also provide environmental benefits, by converting CO2 in the air into oxygen, with additional greening provided by rooftop solar panels and wind turbines.

Via Dvice.


Spirula Speaker

This speaker is 3D printed entirely in wood, making it a world’s first. The nautilus-shaped shell has previously been the basis of conventional speakers due to its acoustic properties, but the real stand-out feature of this design is its use of Timberfill filament from 3D printing materials manufacturer Fillamentum. This filament allows you to produce wooden objects in any shape, while maintaining the properties normally associated with the material. It’s even biodegradable.

Via Inhabitat.


Expo Milan 2015 Malaysia Pavilion

Expo pavilions often push the boat out when it comes to show-stopping design, and this organic-looking structure is no different. Designed to represent Malaysia’s agricultural systems, the building is arranged into four seed-like spaces containing multimedia displays and interactive spaces charting the country’s sustainability and agricultural goals. It will be built from Malaysian wood that has been laminated with glue to create beams, a less costly alternative to steel. Decking around the pavilion will be made from recycled rice husks.

Via Designboom.


Coca-Cola Bio Cooler

This design may be a fairly shameless advertising ploy, but it is also very clever, which made it worth including on this list. The fridge does not need electricity to work, instead cooling air using water evaporation, meaning it cools better in hotter temperatures. Developed in partnership with the International Physics Centre in Bogota, the fridge cooler was taken to Aipir, one of the hottest places in Columbia. Local residents usually have to travel for a day to get access to chilled beverages, so the innovation was very popular.


Round-Up: the technology you missed this week

No more cables


They’re a source of frustration for anyone who has ever used a computer, or virtually any type of technology, but now Intel wants to get rid of all PC cables.

The ambition plan aims to utilise wireless technology and make sure that cables are a thing of the past by 2016.

Source: CNET

A spare pair of arms

 There are times in everyone’s day when you could really benefit from a second pair of hands – it turns out that their development is well underway.

 MIT researchers have been developing robotic arms that can help you to do things you wouldn’t be able to achieve without them. 

 Source: IEEE Spectrum

Landing on a comet

It’s pretty unbelievable but a spacecraft launched from Earth is about to land on the surface of a comet.

The probe, from the European Space Agency is going to orbit the Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko before it lands on its surface to study it.

Source: Nasa

Scientists were probably wrong 


It was heralded as one of the biggest scientific discoveries of all time but it has now emerged that those who thought they had detected echoes of the big bang probably didn’t see echoes of the big bang.

It has turned out those who spent three years validating their findings may have seen the effects of space dust rather than the big bang.

Source: The Guardian

Amazon’s smartphone?


On June 18th Amazon are set to launch a new product – announced in a YouTube video that has been clouded in secret.

It is being strongly rumored that the video is showing the company’s first smart phone.

Source: Tech 2 

Image courtesy of Alexander Supertramp /