Round-up: The technology you missed this week

Roll up, roll up, your TV


Manufacturing giant LG has said that TVs which we can roll up are on the horizon.

It said it would be bale to create a massive 60″ HD TV which would be rolled into a 3cm diameter tube by 2017.

Source: BBC News

Image courtesy of LG 

New broadband speed record


Bell labs have claimed to have set a new broadband speed record pushing more than 10Gbps over a copper telephone wire.

At present the speeds can only be met over a distance of 30m and this drops down to 1Gbps at 70m.

Source: Ars Technica 

Giant artificial light powered farm in Japan


A giant farm has been built in Japan. The only catch is that it’s inside and uses artificial light to grow crops.

The farm uses 17,500 LED lights spread over 18 racks.

Source: GE Reports

Tech stock jumps 25,000%


Cynk Technologies’ value on the stock market is around $5bn but nobody knows if it really lives up to what it says it can do.

The website, who’s stock rapidly increased in June, is a social market place and claims to be able to sell the contact details of celebrities for a low fee.

Source: CNN Money 

Homing bullets

The army now has homing bullets. Yes, homing bullets. And they work. Scary.

The bullets, which are roughly the size of a Sharpie, have been developed by DARPA and could lead to the creation of miniature homing missiles.

Source: Motherboard 

In Pictures: This Week’s Most Futuristic Designs


Cloud Lamp

This Arduino-controlled lamp contains motion sensors, several multicolour lights and speakers to create mock thunderstorms when you move around it. A softer nightlight mode also provides a calm glow that would be ideal for a kid’s bedroom. Best of all, its speakers can be controlled by Bluetooth, turning the cloud into an awesome speaker system.

Via Stuff.


SYNEK Draft System

SYNEK is to beer what a premium home espresso system is to coffee. Designed to sit on your kitchen counter, or anywhere else you fancy, the system lets you pour any beers you want, from that obscure craft beer up to the mainstream standards. Plus its portable, so beer in the office is now achievable (if not advisable).

Via Kickstarter.


Green Machine Mobile City

Proposed as a way to ‘green’ the Sahara desert, this mobile city was developed by Stephane Malka to be self-sufficient response to desertification, an increasing concern in many regions. The machine, which would be equipped with solar towers, water-catching balloons and living space for a community, would plough the land, sew seeds and water the ground as it moved along.

Via InHabitiat.


Window Socket

This nifty little object is a palm-sized solar panel that attaches to any available window pane using a sucker. The solar panel feeds power to the socket on the back, allowing electronic items such as phones, tablets and ebooks to be charged. The socket can even be charged itself, turning it into a portable power pack for charging on the move.

Via Yanko Design.


HERO AR game

A proposal for Electrolux’s 2014 design competition,  this concept by Fiorella Rios is for an augmented reality game that actually reduces in-home pollution. The glasses show magnified, cartoon versions of the harmful particles and special gloves act as real-life air purifiers to zap them.

Via Fast Coexist.